Escape from alcatraz

The kids went into their room for quiet time today, and we put up their gate. A few minutes later, I hear suspicious noises and go find Eleanor climbing over the gate, with some help from the bins from her bookcase. I put her back in and remove the bins. I ask her to please not escape again (am reminded strongly of a The State sketch).

A few minutes pass; suddenly we hear “I did it! Hemy, just put your foot here.”

At the scene of the escape we find a triumphant Eleanor outside the nursery and an inconveniently caught-red-handed Henry (“mama, I’m stuck. Get me down.”) on the gate itself.

This time, Eleanor had placed a pillow on the floor against the gate, then a blanket balled up on that, another blanket spread neatly on that (she might have gotten momentarily distracted and was tucking everything in), and then balanced on top of the pile was a small stack of books. This was the means of her escape. She hasn’t figured in that Henry has shorter legs than her and needed a taller stack of books to make it over, but should there be a third attempt there may be further improvements.

Help us all if they ever figure out windows.


Today Henry was upset he didn’t get to go in the grocery store. Yesterday he was upset because Bob asked him what he would give me for my birthday and Henry said “a train!” And then he thought a minute and said “I want a train I WANT A BIRTHDAY” and got pretty upset that wasn’t something that can be just handed out.

It’s hard being 3.5.